CHOKE40H30mA, 40H 30mA Choke

CHOKE40H30mA, 40H 30mA Choke

Part shrouded low cost chokes with high performance suitable for power supplies for valve pre-amps, low power power amps and as anode loading chokes.

23cm flying leads, Red is the inner, black is the outer winding. Wire diameter 0.86mm, outer diameter 1.86mm

Inductance 40H, current rating is 30mA. Power: 10 Watt

These are now made in England, and are a larger size than the old ones.

DC resistance: 

Overall weight: 

Overall size: 
60mm(w) x 46mm(d) x 49mm(h).

Fixing holes: 
2 holes spaced 74mm (centres)

Price 1 off:


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