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Audio Note AN-ONGAKU, silver plated speaker terminals

Audio Note AN-ONGAKU, silver plated speaker terminals

New from Audio Note, made from Tellurium copper which is 99.5% pure copper and 0.5% Tellurium with silver plating.

Overall length 51mm. Externally they can receive a 5.5mm and over opening spade from the side, also bare wire up to a diameter of 5.25mm from the side and a standard 4mm banana through the top.

The length of the internal threaded part is 25mm. The Washers take up 5mm of this and the nut is 3mm thick. The external part has a diameter of 16mm and height of 25mm. Chassis cut is 11.5mm diameter with 2.5mm x 2.5mm square key to stop rotation once fitted. Thus a keyhole cutout is required.

Sold individually with red or black washers.

CON-024-AG has red washers
CON-026-AG has black washers.

PRICE 1 off (individual post)


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