Audio Note Cartridge Tag 99.99% Silver

Audio Note Cartridge Tag 99.99% Silver

Audio Note have decided, after many years of trying every other product on the market, that the only way forward is to make their own cartridge tags. After many months of trial and testing, they finally came up with a cartridge tag that met the high standards they required.

Unlike the majority of cartridge tags available from other manufacturers, these are not simply repurposed industrial connectors with an extra flash plating of gold or silver. These are made from SOLID SILVER (not plated brass or copper as is usually the case) and are specifically designed to fit the pins of Audio Note IO cartridges precisely, offering the best possible connection between cartridge and tonearm cabling. Thanks to the design of the pin connection area, they can also be adjusted to fit a range of other cartridge pin sizes, reducing the often seen problem of the cartridge pin and tag not achieving a solid or reliable connection. 

They also have a good-sized cable connection area at the rear, with a scooped out middle section to aid fast and reliable soldering. This rear section can also be ‘clamped’ around the tonearm cable / solder joint if required, without altering the size or shape of the pin connection area. 

These tags are sold individually, if you want 4 off as shown in the picture you have to order 4 of them.

Price: (1 off)
£7.73 +vat +p&p


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