Audio Note Copper Foil Capacitors

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Audio Note Copper Foil Capacitors

The Audio Note™ copper audio signal capacitors have a superb sonic character, they have a life, colour, lack of harshness and evenness of dynamic behaviour across the frequency range. Recommended as replacements in old and new valve amplifiers alike (and even in the odd transistor amplifier), and essential for DIY projects.

The larger value capacitor are also suitable for either speaker crossovers or power supply applications. Those above and including 75mm in length are very heavy and should be mounted with suitable care to prevent the lead out wires breaking in transport.

Note well, that the body of these components are conductive and will effectively short two points that touch the body, so in some cases you may have to insulate the component with insulating material such as electricians tape, we also large clear heat-shrink that will insulate these cans, so the copper is still visable.

Our signal capacitors are marked with a line on the right of the component`s body, this marks the start of the foil. It is my experience that the Audio Note™ sound the best when the start of the foil is "facing" the incoming signal, see the drawing below.


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