DIY Hi-Fi Supply DC Blokker - DISCONTINUED

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The must-have module for all pieces of hi-fi that use power transformers. Easily installed, drill two M3 holes 41mm apart in an appropriate location near your power supply, screw fit the Blokker in place. Connect the red wire in series with the neutral of your mains supply and the blue wire to transformer primary side. The direct result will remove all DC voltage DEAD. It also removes destructive harmonic content created by other electrical devices loading your power supply. Most AC supply has some DC offset present. DC is not good, robbing a power transformer of efficiency, making it work harder and often making it hum. Remove all DC content and the transformer can do its job properly.

Dimension: 50mm x 50mm x 24mm.
Lead length: 300mm.
Power rating 3A, 240Vac.

Price (each)

These are no longer in production.


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