Ultra Low Noise Filament Supply 2.5-12V DC

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DIY Hi-Fi Supply`s very own Ultra Low Noise current source filament supply. Providing 2.5A, 2.5V-12V of pure regulated DC voltage to supply most directly heated triode valves, such as 2A3s and 300Bs. Requires an AC voltage input, typically 1 - 1.5Vs above that required for the DC output. So if you feel that your valve amp is giving out too much "Hum" them look no further.

This module offers input/output short circuit protected, overheat protected, output voltage continuously variable with on-board trimmer pot. Through-pcb vent-holes for cooling of critical parts. Also, can be mounted flat profile without heatsink by mounting regulator from the bottom and bolting regulator direct to chassis. Includes mounting standoffs and 4 pcs 0.47R resistors to trim input voltage. Function indicator LED on board. Best quality parts: Nichicon, Schottky etc.

  • Dimension: 85mm x 50mm x 60mm (tall).
  • Four fixing holes: 40mm x 75mm.
  • Output ripple voltage: typically 4mv into 300B (example)

Sold in pairs

Price (1 Pair)
£116.00 +vat+p&p

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