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Fostex T500A MKIII 8 Ohm Horn Super Tweeter

Fostex T500A MKIII 8 Ohm Horn Super Tweeter

T500A MKIII has been reborn as a highest grade horn super tweeter, by adopting a newly developed ring-shaped pure magnesium diaphragm, precision-cut solid brass horn and equalizer and a low distortion design Alnico internal magnetic circuit.

Adding the T500A MkIII extending the super-high frequency over 20kHz, your speaker system will improve the sound quality and play music with improved expressiveness from high to low-frequency ranges.


Ring-shaped pure magnesium diaphragm

  • The newly developed ring-shaped pure magnesium diaphragm has low squeal peculiar to metal
  • Realizes penetrating ultra-high frequency reproduction by adjusting the material thickness to optimize the surface treatment

Brass horn and equalizer with platinum coating

  • Precision cut cylindrical shape solid brass horn and equalizer are fitted
  • Platinum coated surface offers a natural and high transparent sound

lnico internal magnetic circuit

  • Installed 2 layers Alnico magnets obtain a strong magnetic flux density
  • The copper-plated pole piece reduces the current distortion realizing a high definition audio reproduction

Gold plated copper speaker terminals and copper silver alloy internal wiring

  • Input terminals use gold plated copper
  • An extra-thick φ1.4mm copper silver alloy single wire is used for internal wiring to reduces sound deteriorations

Tungsten diaphragm ring

  • Diaphragm ring to support the diaphragm is made of tungsten sheet
  • Has high damping effect to reduce unwanted vibrations and sound deteriorations.

Tweeter base with walnut veneer finish

  • A tweeter base comes as a standard accessory, which firmly supports the heavy tweeter.
  • The base is finished in dark brown with a beautiful and calm walnut veneer.


Price (pair)
£2179.50 +vat +p&p


  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 7kHz – 40kHz (-10dB)
  • S.P.L.: 104dB/w(1m)
  • Input: 15W (Nom.)
  • Cut Off Frequency: 3.5kHz
  • Recommended Cross-Over Frequency: More than 7kHz (-12dB/oct.)
  • Net Weight: 5,150kg
  • Accessories: Tweeter Base



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