Fostex T900A 8 Ohm Horn Super Tweeter

Fostex T900A 8 Ohm Horn Super Tweeter

The Fostex T900A is a horn super tweeter equipped with a horn using a brass-based special alloy for alnico magnets.

A horn and equalizer made by precision cutting a special brass alloy with a low Q, a tungsten washer, a copper terminal, and a low distortion magnetic circuit using alnico magnets. Having a sound quality that combines strength with a sense of speed and precision.


  • Impedance: 8-ohm
  • Frequency response from 5kHz to 38kHz
  • Output sound pressure level: 106dB / W
  • Mount: Top Mount
  • Flange: 82mm
  • Depth: 81.8mm/ 98.3mm
  • Znom 8 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 1W / 1m 106 dB
  • Nom. Power: 60 W
  • Magnet mass: 240g

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