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Morel CAW 428 Woofer

Morel CAW 428 Woofer

A 4" woofer, with a 2.1" voice coil. It features a single vented Neodymium magnet motor and steel chassis. 4.00mm linear high excursion.


  • Overall Dimensions DxH 118.5mm(4.66") x 50mm(1.96") 
  • Nominal Power Handling (DIN) P 150W
  • Transient Power 10ms 800W  
  • Sensitivity 2.83V/1M 88dB
  • Net Weight Kg 0.434
  • Nominal Impedance Z 8Ω
  • DC Resistance Re 5.5Ω
  • Voice Coil Inductance @ 1KHz LBM 0.32mH
  • Voice Coil Diameter DIA 54mm
  • Voice Coil Height 12mm
  • HE Magnetic Gap Height HE 4mm
  • Max. Linear Excursion X ± 4mm 
  • Number Of Layers 2

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£58.75 +vat+p&p


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