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Mundorf AMT25D6.1-R Dipole Tweeter

Mundorf AMT25D6.1-R Dipole Tweeter

The AMT25D6.1-R Dipole Tweeter is part of mundorf's Dipole line and is optimized for in-baffle installation. Their transient response is very similar to a woofer's transient response when mounted in an open baffle. It features low distortion and extended bandwidth.

Resistance: Nominal 6 Ohm
Zo: 6.7 Ohm
Zmin: 5.6 Ohm
RE: 5.6 Ohm
Sensitivity @ 2.83 V: 92 dB
Frequency response / -6 dB: 1100 Hz – 30 kHz
Power handling: 135 W
Resonance frequency / FS: 1250 Hz
Recommended crossover / 6 dB: 2500 Hz
Recommended crossover / 12 dB: 2300 Hz
Dispersion horizontal / 15 kHz / -6 dB: 60°
Diaphragm area: 6464 mm2
Magnet material: Neodymium
Total weight: 400g
Face plate: 3 mm Anodised Aluminum
Face plate dimensions: 100 x 130mm

Price: (1off)
£431.25 +vat +p&p

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