Obbligato Gold Premium/Ultra Premium Capacitors

Obbligato Gold Premium/Ultra Premium Capacitors

These top specification Obbligato capacitors are premium polypropylene films in a non-magnetic case. Pure copper soldered lead-out wires.

Continuing to improve on the already excellent design, Obbligato is producing the Ultra Premium version using an improved film giving a better performance and a higher DC operating voltage of 1000Vdc. The Ultra Premium values are slowly replacing their Premium counterparts.

A superb low-cost high-quality cap that has a big following in the DIY community.

Used in signal circuitry and in loudspeaker crossovers. Obbligato caps are made with extra tight winding giving great control. They provide a smooth and easy sound.


Capacitance: 0.1uF - 47uF
Voltage (Premium): 250V to 630Vdc
Voltage (Ultra Premium) 1000Vdc
Lead Length: 1mm dia. x 45mm length

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