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Obbligato Film Oil PSU Capacitors

Obbligato Film Oil PSU Capacitors

The Obbligato Film Oil caps offer a low cost but high quality solution for "old school" style, reservoir capacitors. Ideal for valve amp power supplies. Offering a long life and outstanding performance. Most are radial bodied with leadout terminated. 47uF and 100uF type are axial bodied. Internal windings are extra tight, using thickly coated aluminium film imported from Germany. Rated at 400Vdc to 630Vdc with a tolerance of 5%.



Capactiance: 2.2uF - 100uF
Voltage: 630Vdc (100uf version 400Vdc rated)
Lead Length for radial types: 1mm dia. x 90mm length (PTFE covered copper leadout)


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