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NewClassD UWB2 Regulator MK 2

NewClassD Regulator MK 2

New version - Low Noise drop-in replacement for standard 78XX and 79XX regulators in Audio equipment. 1.5A current capability, fully discrete opamp, high peak current safe, 1.24 to 25V values, even custom voltages. Upgrade your DAC, CD Player, Pre-Amplifier, Analog Stage, Network Player etc.


The characteristic of a voltage regulator for audio purposes are not the same as for most other equipment. For Audio you don't need the exact reference voltage with two decimals,  but low noise is essential. You don't need very low output resistance, but you need to be able to connect your favourite type of decoupling capacitor without the regulator becoming unstable.


If you are using a voltage regulator for analog audio, like opamps, then the regulation loop of the voltage regulator becomes part of your signal path, that's why you can hear the difference in various voltage regulators. A 7805 for example with the recommended capacitors has a first pole at 1 kHz. And this frequency moves up and down with the current load. It is very likely that this pole will become audible in your audio signal, even if the signal does not actually pass directly through the voltage regulator. So in other words 12V is not just 12V, what lies behind the 12V is highly likely to affect your sound quality. 


These issues are solved with the LC78xx and LC79xx regulators. The feedback loop runs at 1 MHz, so way out of the audio range, and it is stable with any size of capacitor connected to the output. From none to 1000's of uF. The power device is a SANKEN 10A bipolar transistor, which is very rugged, and can dissipate up to 25W (use heat sink grease). This means you can exploit the full 1.5 Ampere potential of this regulator. The noise is several times lower than the industry standard, making it suitable for even RIAA's and MC step up regulation.


No caacitor is required to keep the regulator stable, however if your load changes suddenly, like a realy switching a load of 1 Ampere on and off (highly unlikely in audio circuits), then a capacitor of 10 uF or bigger is recommended on the output. The minimum size is 1 uF per Ampere of quick current load change, this will keep it stable. If the change happens slowly, sayover 10 uS or slower, then still no capacitor is required.


The sound of your DAC chip, or analog stage can improve vastly from a clean power source. Typically you will experience more clear sound with silent background, and sometimes even lower levels of plain noise. The bass will typically become more weighty and distinct with this regulator compared to regular voltage regulators.



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