Evox Rifa Capacitors

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Here we have 4 lines of the fabulous Evox Rifa Capacitors. The X2 metallized paper, PME271M, the PEH169 low ESR electrolytics, the PFR polypropylenes and the CMK polycarbonate series.

Evox Rifa PME271M are metallized paper X2 capacitors with superb EMI Suppression properties. They are hard to source and very popular in audio

Low ESR and ESL, long life and high stability electrolytic capacitors ideal for power supply use.

Evox Rifa PFR Series are true film/foil (as opposed to metallized film) capacitors. They are ideal for high-speed applications and as bypass…

Low cost polycarbonate capacitor from Evox Rifa. These compact capacitors offer a refreshing alternative to Wimas.

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