F&T Electrolytic Capacitors

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F&T capacitors from Germany have been making capacitors since 1948. They offer a huge range of electrolytic capacitors.

The type A range from F & T offer a huge range of axial electrolytics capacitors.

High quality dual section axial aluminium electrolytic capacitor from F & T Capacitors in Germany.

Bipolar axial electrolytic capacitors from F & T. Suitable for crossover use, for those with limited space to fit. Offering a low cost…

From German capacitor makers, F & T, we have the Type LFA range of electrolytic radial capacitors, offering high reliability and high ripple…

High quality, high voltage dual section capacitors - LFAZ range from F&T are great reservoir caps.

Long life, high termperature rating, screw termination capacitors from F&T.

The type SI are a 2 pin snap-in electrolytic. Very dependable reservoir capacitor for mainly PCB application.

The type SI4PH is the 4 pin snap-in version of the SI type electrolytic. Very reliable.

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