Elma A47 Jumbo Attenuator Switch, 1 Pole 47 Way

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Elma A47 Jumbo Attenuator Switch, 1 Pole 47 Way

The A47 JUMBO audio switch series is a 47 positions shunt type audio attenuator for large size leaded resistors. The A47 Jumbo switch was specifically designed for the SHUNT stepped attenuator construction. Each resistor is clealy labelled as are the input output and ground connections so building is straight forward enough. We will shortly be launching a Glasshouse kit using this switch and providing customers the choice of resistors they want to use. The 1 pole version does not need to be dis-assembled for construction. Resistors up to 1 watt size can be fitted (up to 5mm diameter). We would recommed the Audio Note tantalums, Shinkohs and Takmans. This is a serious high end solution for your stepped attenuator switch, offering beautiful performance, low noise and gives you a real quality feel when turning. This switch is suitable for the mono stepped.


  • 47 positions, with selectable stop pins, available as an extra, search 4124-20
  • Low profile: internal dimensions when fitted, 21mm length x 62mm width x 38mm height
  • 1 channels for mono use
  • For resistors with up to 5 mm body diameter
  • Exceptional sonic performance with precise switch feel
  • Low-bounce contact system with 3 micron gold plating
  • Motorized, IR controllable versions available, see Elma Remote Audio PLUS with LIN Motor
  • Free Excel resistor calculator tool available
  • Make before break, shortening ( ideal or stepped attenuators)
  • Heavy duty durable 2.4mm thick printed circuit board

Price (1 off) 
£80.00 +vat +p&p (without resistors)


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