Elma Remote Audio PLUS with LIN Motor + Apple remote handset

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Elma Remote Audio PLUS with LIN Motor

Remote control for Elma Swithes - Remote Audio PLUS with LIN Motor + Apple remote

Finally Elma have released a motor unit that enables total control from your sofa. The Remote Audio PLUS fits onto the rear of Elma’s 04 type 24 way and the recently launched A47 switches. A high quality unit that once set up is a joy to use. The unit is controlled from a standard Apple remote that we will provide.

So for all those Glasshouse Elma Stepped attenuators users, you can now upgrade them to be remote controlled.

Due to the complexity of the set up we will provide fully installed, so if you are hoping to fit onto your old equipment we will need to have it sent in to our workshop to fit it. We supply an Apple remote programmed to your attenuator/switch. Please call or e-mail to discuss this.

The remote is powered by a 12Vdc 2.5A power supply. We can supply this as a wall wart, this is available as an optional extra, the additional cost is £12.00 + vat

0.5W Shunt version
BODY: width 36mm, depth 36mm, height 60mm

Price (1 off) , including 1 x Apple Remote handset
£370.00 +vat +p&p

PSU 12V 2.5A wall wart (1 off)
£12.00 +vat +p&p


PDF datasheet

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