1384653: Intertechnik Multiresist, 0.1R to 100R

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1384653: Intertechnik Multiresist 0.1R to 100R

A development tool for loudspeaker designers / experimentors. This solid board houses 39 Intertechnik 10W ceramic resistors of differing values. Each resistor leadout is connected to a robust solder tag that will survive continual soldering and desoldering, and a connection that will receive 4mm banana plug. All resistors are isolated. With this network of resistors any value can be achieve that you could possible need to test your crossover. There are also 6 connections all joined together that will all receive a 4mm banana plug.

The resistor values include 0.1R, 0.12R, 0.15R, 0.18R, 0.22R, 0.27R, 0.33R, 0.39R, 0.47R, 0.56R, 0.68R, 0.82R, 1R, 1R2, 1R5, 1R8, 2R2, 2R7, 3R, 3R3, 2R9, 4R7, 5R1, 5R6, 6R8, 7R5, 8R2, 10R, 12R, 15R, 18R, 22R, 27R, 33R, 39R, 47R, 68R, 82R and 100R.

Two boards would be required for stereo operation.

Dimensions: 290mm length x 185mm width x 25mm height

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