014-0064: Jantzen Speaker Spike SS-10

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014-0064: Jantzen Speaker Spike SS-10

The largest of the Chrome finish spikes from Jantzen.

These polished spikes will lift your speakers/platform by 58mm and give your speakers/platform solid contact with the floor. Each spike is made up of 3 parts.

  • M6 SPIKE - overall length of 58mm, the threaded M6 internal portion is 15mm deep, the diameter of the spike at its widest part is 32mm.
  • M6 Bolt and washer. This portion bolts into the spike so access to the base of your unit is needed. The bolt measures 35mm in length, the hexagonal bolt head is 4.5mm thick. The material you are bolting into must be 15mm thick for these spikes to work properly.
  • Base plate. The spike rests on the circular indentation in the centre of the base plate. 18mm diameter x 3mm thickness.

Price (sold in packs of 4)
£43.88 +vat+p&p

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