014-0066: Jantzen Speaker Spike 907 - Set of 4

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014-0066: Jantzen Speaker Spike 907 - Set of 4

Black oxide finish metal spikes from Jantzen.. 

These rugged spikes will lift your speakers between 10mm and 31mm off the ground and give your speakers solid contact with your floor. Each spike is made up of 4 parts.

  • M6 SPIKE - overall length of 36mm, threaded portion is 26mm in length.
  • Top hat insert. This is fitted to the underside of your speakers and requires a 10mm diameter x 10mm depth hole. Tap the insert home with a hammer and wooden block to prevent damage. Overall height is 12mm, diameter is 10.9mm, diameter of base is 12mm.
  • Base plate. The spike rests on the circular indentation in the centre of the base plate. 15mm diameter x 5mm thickness

Price (sold in packs of 4)
£6.24 +vat+p&p

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