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ETI Research Brass Bullet Plugs - Aluminium Case - Discontinued

ETI Research Brass Bullet Plugs - Aluminium Case

This is the new entry level plug from ETI-Research, featuring solid brass contacts and an aluminium case.

The ETI BulletPlug® is a totally new approach to RCA connection. Its innovations and refinements include:

  • incorporating high conductive materials such as brass, tellurium copper or pure silver exclusively in the construction
  • optimising mass and thickness of the conductive element to enhance electron flow
  • rejecting the idea of using a formed metal collar to encircle the centre pin and serve as the reference to ground
  • using single point star earthing (grounding) instead to eliminate eddy current distortions, capacitive reactance, and micro-arcing
  • attention to the mechanical aspects of the design to ensure the ultimate connection while eliminating damage to input connectors

Price (pair)
£23.28 +vat +p&p

This is now a discontinued line, and has been superseded by the LINK RCA - Limited stock remaining.



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