MS HD Power MS9315S Blue IEC Plug, Cryo'ed, Silver Plated

MS HD Power MS9315S Blue IEC Plug, Cryo'ed, Silver Plated

The Blue premium range of IEC mains connectors by MS HD Power has been designed to be used with high-quality audio equipment for optimum power transmission and sound quality.

These IEC plugs will accept large size power cables, up to 16mm diameter - and up to 4mm dia. wires internally, held in heavy-duty clamps to ensure a perfectly airtight joint (and not held with a grub screw, as in many 'inferior' product plugs, as the cable can 'creep' in these types of connections). It is very easy to wire up, the cable is held with a very secureclamp.  Instructions included with the plug, which comes in a retail display package.

All the electrical parts are silver plated (3.0µm) including the all-important phosphor bronze extra-strong spring clips, for a perfect airtight mating with the IEC socket in the audio equipment. All conductive parts undergo a deep cryogenic treatment in the UK specifically designed for audio components.  This cold annealing process seems to increase the material conductivity. Every plug is supplied with a certificate stating that components have been cryogenically treated in the UK.

The casing is manufactured from a blue colour semi-transparent nylon material, it is very durable, highly insulating, self-damping and light in weight. It has a ribbed surface with two recesses to enable easy fitting and removal from the equipment IEC socket.

Audio listening trials have been undertaken to assess the impact different materials and 'colours' have on this plug design casing, re. audio performance.  It was found that black plastic cases offer slightly less dynamics and clarity. The tests were all tried using a very high end audio system where the sound qualities could be readily heard in A/B comparisons.  There is no firm technical explanation for this, but it is suggested that the carbon powder used to manufacture black coloured plastic is acting as a slightly capacitive or inductive element between the plug pins.  Using a blue dye in the plastic material had no detrimental effect v. clear plastic, and the blue semi-transparent finish was considered both attractive and transluscent enough to partially hide the internal wire connections.

Fully complies with BS-EN-60320 and patent pending.

Size: total length, 75mm x 38mm diameter.

Weight: 85gms.

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