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Extension Kit, Frame, Bush, Rod & Couplier

For mounting selector switches or potentiometers close to connectors and signal inputs therefore avoiding long runs of signal wire.

Kit consists of:

  • 6mm diameter couplier for connecting the shaft of the switch or potentiometer to the rod.
  • 300mm, 6mm diameter aluminium rod with serated ends, can be cut easily to desired length.
  • "L" shaped bracket that can be fixed to the chassis by 2 x M3 bushes. Measures 50mm high. 2 rectagular cutouts that can be opened up for large shaft devices such as Elmas.
  • Mounting bush for front panel, front panel needs a 10mm diameter cut out to fit bush, inner diameter of bush is 6mm for snug fit of rod.

PRICES (1 off)

Elma switch not included!




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