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How To: Assemble the Elekit TU8200R Amplifier Kit pt.3

Continuing on the series building the Elekit TU8200R in this video Nick approaches the mid way mark of the build. This kit has many interesting features, you have the option to use various output valves depending on your taste - 6L6GC / EL34 / 6CA7 / KT88 / 6550 and the option of setting up your output in triode, pentode or ultra-linear mode. The R-core power transformer supports 4 different voltage environments 100V, 115V, 200V, and 230V and the preamp uses ECC82 valves.

Great for the beginner or intermediate builder wanting to build their own amp this kit comes with a pictoral manual making the building process simple and fun (and a great way to spend a weekend or two). Building and amp kit makes valve audio possible at DIY prices!

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