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How To: Build the Glasshouse Passive Pre-amplifier (part 2)

After some brief technical issues, here is part 2 of the Glasshouse Preamp Kit No.1 tutorial. This is a popular kit with us, which goes to show how passives still have an important role to play in hi-fi; the neutrality and clarity of the little box has won the hearts of many! Featuring the Glasshouse range of stepped attenuators - there is a variant to suit every system and price range!

In this part Nick shows how to connect the RCA sockets to the switches, preparing the preamp for the transformers.

The build is slightly more complex than the standard passive on account of the wiring up the transformers, but far from being complicated. You will see from the numerous pictures on the GALLERY PAGE the transformer is wired to the selector externally as there isn`t enough room inside to do so. Once built it is fitted in place. The kit is supplied with the fitting holes for the transformers pre-drilled. 
Mechanically the kit goes together very easily as long as you have the right tools for the job and follow the recommend sequence in the instructions. With around 140 solder joins to be made it will take around 5 hours to complete, test and then play.

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