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Cross-Over Resistor Types Explained

In this video Nick talks us through the different cross-over resistors that we offer, and the differences between them. If you uncertain which resistors to choose as an upgrade for your hifi, or if you're not sure where the current resistors your using sit in our range then fear not, as this video should reveal all!


To find these resistors (in order of appearance) on our site then please check out:

  • Jantzen 5W Ceramic: here
  • Jantzen 10W Ceramic: here
  • Jantzen 20W Ceramic: here
  • Mundorf M-Resist: here
  • Jantzen 5W MOX: here
  • Jantzen 10W MOX: here
  • Mundorf M-Resist 5W MOX: here
  • Mundorf M-Resist 10W MOX: here
  • Jantzen 5W Superes: here
  • Jantzen 10W Superes: here
  • Ohmite Audio Gold: here
  • Mills Resistors: here
  • Mundorf M-Resist Supreme: here
  • Duelund Standard: here
  • PathAudio Resistors: here
  • Powertron FPR2-T218 Metal Foil: here
  • Duelund CAST Resistors: here


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