Jantzen 10W Superes resistors

Jantzen 10W Superes resistors

Component selection by manufacturers are often based on cost alone rather than performance, giving the DIYer plenty of scope for improving their sound. These high quality 10 watt wire wound, ceramic core resistors from Jantzen, with their low noise floor and 1% tolerance will help you on your path.


  • 1 % Tolerance
  • Low noise figure
  • Low inductance less than 0.7 uH
  • Instant overload capacity
  • Super heat dissipation, small linear temperature coefficient
  • Low annual shift
  • Flameprood and lightweight
  • Values 0R33 to 100R available

  BODY: diameter: 8.5mm, length: 53mm
  LEAD: diameter: 0.8mm, length: 35mm

Price (each)
£2.54 +vat+p&p


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