Jantzen 10W Ceramic Resistors

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Jantzen 10W Ceramic Resistors

Second in the line of of the 3 power ratings Ceramic resistors from Jantzen. A no fuss low cost medium powered solution for a cross-over resistor. 5W and 20W ratings are also available.


  • 5% Tolerance
  • Resistance to humidity and shock
  • Completely insulated character, suitable for circuit boards
  • In high resistance values, the winding cores are replaced by power film cores
  • Super heat dissipation; small linear temperature coefficient
  • Instant overload capability: low noise figures and low annual shift on resistance values
  • body dimensions 10mm width x 9mm height x 48mm length
  • Leadout dimensions 0.8mm diameter x 30mm length
  • 0R1 to 100R available

If you are looking for a specific value, we have added a RESISTOR FILTER to speed your search up.

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