Silver Plated Copper Screened wire

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Silver Plated Copper Screened wire

High-purity copper screened wire to make your own interconnect cable and for internal signal wiring.

Following the same recipe as the old BICC cable in regard to construction and materials used this screened cable is 19/0.15 signal wire, 19 strands of 0.15mm diameter, silver-plated copper wire. The signal portion is insulated in PTFE. The outer screening braid is also silver-plated copper wire and further insulated with PTFE.

Overall Diameter: 2.7mm

Sold in multiples of 1 metre (mono length, 2 lengths needed to make a pair of interconnects). We supply in one continuous length.

PRICE (1 metre)
£7.50 +vat +p&p

We also stock NOS BICC 19/0.15 silver-plated copper screended wire in either black or pink PTFE sheathing. Made in the UK.

PINK - £5.00 +vat +p&p

BLACK - £5.00 + vat +p&p

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