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There are many low cost alternatives to well known branded interconnect cables, here we offer some OFC copper cables, silver plated copper and low cost thin 4N silver alternatives. Great price, good performance.

See PRICES for OEM Interconnect Cable.


A single screened cable for general audio connection. 7/0.2mm tinned annealed copper conductor material, overall diameter is 3.2mm, capacitance cor...

Standard Screened copper wire

New old stock BICC, high purity copper screened wire to make your own interconnect cable and for internal signal wiring. 19/0.15 signal wire, 19 st...

BICC Silver Plated Copper Screened wire

Pure 99.999% silver screened wire, overall diameter is 0.6mm. Recommended for tone-arm wire and signal hookup. spinned with pure silver shielding w...

Screened 4N 99.999% pure silver wire

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