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Neotech SOCT solid core copper wires

Neotech SOCT solid core copper wires

Neotech`s SOCT type wire is 99.999% high purity UP-OCC copper solid core wire, sheathed in red, heat resistant Teflon. Can be used for speaker wire, mains cable and general hook up wire, the best solid core copper wire currently available.

Sold by the metre, supplied in a continuous length.

We stock the following sizes;

SOCT-28: AWG 28, 1 strand of 0.32mm wire, diameters, inner: 0.32mm, outer: 1.05mm,  300V, 1A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £2.13+vat+p&p

SOCT-26: AWG 26, 1 strand of 0.45mm wire, diameters, inner: 0.45mm, outer: 1.42mm,  300V, 2.9A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £2.37+vat+p&p

SOCT-24: AWG 22, 1 strand of 0.55mm wire, diameters, inner: 0.55mm, outer: 1.64mm,  300V, 5.4A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £2.73+vat+p&p

SOCT-22: AWG 22, 1 strands of 0.7mm wire, diameters, inner: 0.7mm, outer: 1.76mm,  300V, 7A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £3..34+vat+p&p

SOCT-20: AWG 20, 1 strand of 0.85mm wire, diameters, inner: 0.85mm, outer: 1.5mm,  300V, 9.4A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £4.55+vat+p&p

SOCT-18: AWG 18, 1 strand of 1mm wire, diameters, inner: 1mm, outer: 1.75mm,  300V, 12.5A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £6.98+vat+p&p

SOCT-16: AWG 16, 1 strand of 1.3mm wire, diameters, inner: 1.3mm, outer: 2.45mm,  300V, 16A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £9.71+vat+p&p

SOCT-14: AWG 14, 1 strand of 1.6mm wire, diameters, inner: 1.6mm, outer: 2.85mm,  300V, 22A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £14.88+vat+p&p

SOCT-12: AWG 12, 1 strand of 2mm wire, diameters, inner: 2mm, outer: 3.4mm,  300V, 30A rated.
PRICE (1 metre): £21.68+vat+p&p


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