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Neotech AG-GD Silver/Gold Wire

New from Neotech, the UP-OCC 99% silver & 1% gold wire multistrand is the daddy of wire. Clear PE sheathed. Great for hookup wiring and interconnects.

Sold by the metre, supplied in a continuous length.

We stock the following sizes;

AG-GD-24: 25 strands of 0.1mm wire, diameters inner: 0.56mm outer: 1.6mm, 300V,  8A rated
Price (per metre): £40.07+vat+p&p

AG-GD-26: 15 strands of 0.1 mm wire, diameters inner: 0.4mm outer: 1.46mm, 300V, 4A rated
Price (per metre): £27.32+vat+p&p

AG-GD-28: 10 strands of 0.1mm wire, diameters inner: 0.36mm outer: 1.4mm, 300V,  3A rated
Price (per metre): £18.21+vat+p&p



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