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Panel Mounted Speaker Post, Gold Plated

Panel Mounted Speaker Post, Gold Plated

Gold plated panel mounted binding post with 4mm end socket which will accept standard 4mm banana plug from the top. Can also receive  banana plugs or cables up to 4.2mm damter from the side. Internally side the connection is via a 3mm diameter opening with grub screw fixings so no soldering required. Long rear thread enables mounting on panels up to 13.5mm thick. Product is supplied with white panel mounted insulating washers (3 piece) so they can be insulated from the chassis. Supplied with black or red polarity band. 12.5mm diameter chassis cut out is needed. Diameter of external metal part is 11mm. Maximum diameter of washer is 18mm.

Sold in pairs, 1 red and 1 black

PRICE (1 pair)


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