M-Connect Terminal, TPCU870GE Large Evo Gold plated Copper post

Mundorf, M-Connect Terminal, TPCU870GE gold plated post

Mundorf, M-Connect TPCU870GE, pure copper, gold plated EVO version binding posts

The TPCU Terminal Posts are made from OFC pure copper and are designed to meet the highest demands on mechanical precision, acoustical performance and aesthetics. 

Made in Germany the Mundorf TPCU series combines maximum conductor cross-section with lowest transfer resistances. Thus they united tonal clarity, beauty and stereo-phonic spaciousness with harmonious-warmth. They are very large and would suit the rear connection of a loudspeaker or suit a large power amp.
There are 2 types available - the Classic style as shown here and a updated EVO version. There are 3 different finishes, the standard untreated pure copper, the gold plated, as shown here, and the silver plated version. If you require any that are not currently listed by Hificollective please let us know.

Pure copper terminals should be cleaned periodically with copper-polish or a mixture of vinegar and water to prevent oxidation. Alternatively as mentioned we offer maintance-free versions plated with silver or gold. 

The TPCU870 terminal post will receive a banana plug through the top, 4mm bare wire from the side, including a 6mm and over spade from the side.
These posts are sold individually and are available in red and black. 

PRICE (each)
£47.48 +vat +p&p


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