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RCA Transmitting Tubes - code 4004

THIS MANUAL has been prepared to assist those who work or experiment with transmitting tubes and circuits. It will be found valuable by engineers, service technicians, radio amateurs, students, experimenters, and all others technically interested in transmitting tubes.

Power types having plate-input ratings up to four kilowatts and associated rectifier types are included in this Manual. In the TUBE TYPES Section, detailed information is given on all important RCA types in this category. Essential basic data for discontinued RCA types are included for reference purposes.

In addition to the tube types covered in this Manual, the TUBE DIVISION OF RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA offers a variety of high-power and super-power tubes for transmitting and industrial applications.

Key Topics

  • Power tube application
  • Data on 50+ tubes
  • Numerous circuits
  • Installing power tubes
  • Rectifier considerations
  • Tube types
  • Power tube fundamentals

Book Specifications

  • Paperback
  • Black and white print
  • 256 pages
  • 140mm x 218mm
  • 400g



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