Valve Data/History Books

To apply the design process to a specific valve you need its full valve characteristics, these titles will definitely help you on your way. Valve history is also the focus in this section, including the full Leak & Co. Ltd story.
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New reprint of the fourth edition, originally published in 1973. Contains three sections, 'How Guitars Work', 'Service Procedures and Techniques…

The beginning of Leak, the workers, The Leak Idiom, Leak pre-amps, Leak power ampsLeak speakersRank - Leak, Circuit diagrams, Product pics
A superbly written biography of Gilbert Briggs, a remarkable man along with a detailed history of the Wharfedale Company and its products from 1932…
Full Quad history, Owners manuals, Speaker`s corners, Numerous interviews, Technical papers, Circuit diagrams galore
Concise valve theory, Rectifiers explained, Valve application, Valve installation, Valve manufacture, Valve testing, Numerous valve circuits ,Full…
Power tube application,Data on 50+ tubes, Numerous circuits, Installing power tubes, Rectifier considerations, Tube types, Power tube fundamentals
Final manual produced by RCA Before WWII, contains data on many tubes which were obsolete by publication of the next manual.
Data for 2000 tubes, Valve type, Electrical data, Ratings, characteristic graphs, pin layouts, physical sizes listed

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