Valve Projects Books

KT66 Williamson amp, KT88 30w amp, KT88 50w amp, DA42 175w PP amp, DA100 200w PP amp, V1505 300w PP amp pre-amplifier
Components and circuits, 3W gramophone amp, EL84 PP amp, EL34 SE amp, PL81 15W PP amp, EL34 35w PP amp, 70W EL34 PPP amp, 100W class B EL34 amp
Electron tubes use, Electron emission, Diodes + triodes, Multielectrode tubes, Amplification, Rectifiers and detectors, Transmitting tubes, Tube…
Williamson amp circuit,Circuit description, Williamson modified, Tone contol design, Radio feeder unit
20W EL34 PP amp, 10W EL84 PP amp, 3W EL84 SE amp, 3-valve pre-amp, 2-valve pre-amp, Tone control, 4 channel mixing pre, Tape pre-amp
300B push-pull amp,33 power amp, A 6C33C-B amp, A 45 SE amp, Dyna 120 circuit, Woodville`s 50W amp 70W KT88 amp, 300B PSE amp

Twenty-Six articles on Power Amplifier projects appearing in Audio Amateur Magazine from 1970-1989

A great source of information including circuits and descriptions. Dates back to 1947 so all valve circuits.