Valve Theory Books & CDs

For those that take the more theoretical approach to their valves, these titles will satisfy the hungriest of minds. Including books that cover the basics of valve theory and application to extremely detailed breakdowns of tubes to the modern day approach.
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Electron tubes use, Electron emission, Diodes + triodes, Multielectrode tubes, Amplification, Rectifiers and detectors, Transmitting tubes, Tube…
what's a vacuum tube?,single stage basics, simple gain circuits,amplifier parts,output stages,output transformers,power supplies,classic designs
Basic tube principles, Manufacture of tubes, Power amplifiers, Noise of amp. tubes, Negative feedback, Mains hum, The life of a valve, Microphony
key topics: Catastrophic failure, Degenerative failure , Tube selection , Why so many tubes?, Tube life expectancy, Tube testers, Tubes that hum,…
The electron, Electronic emission, Tube characteristics, The triode, Tetrodes + Pentodes, Transfer charact., Loads, Voltage amps
List of Symbols, Thermionic emission, Tube analysis, Amp definitions, Design analysis, Oscillators, light sensitive tubes, Tube instruments
Tube circuits explained, Output stages, feedback explained, Phase-splitters, Driver & input stages, Tone controls, Loudness, Equalisation
Measuring amplifiers, Amp sensitivity, Direct-coupled amps, Low frequency fb amps, Testing amplifiers, High frequenct amps, circuit analysis, Single-…
Adams helps you visualize the actions that take place inside amplifier circuits. Questions are included to reinforce your understanding as you go.
The bible of valve electronics, the 4th edition Radiotron Designer's Hanbook by F. Langford-Smith contains over 1498 pages. The CD ROM has 28 chapter…

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