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Vacuum Tubes-The Important 4/5ths of Tube Circuits
Over 80 of all tube equipment defects result, directly or indirectly, from tube failures. Why do tubes fail? What can be done to prevent them from failing before their time? How can you determine whether a tube is good or bad, or how well and how long it will work in a given circuit? Should tubes be replaced periodically, whether they've failed or not... or should they be tested every so often, and replaced if indications show them to be below par? This book supplies the answers to these profound ques- tions. . .plus many, many more.

Like Watching a Play From Backstage
Author "Bud" Tomer, an international authority on tubes, is well-known for his candid "Tech Tip" bul- letins and his slide-film presentations to service, military and engineering groups. Within this book you'll find a virtual encyclopedia on vacuum tubes-yet the author has not delved into mathematical details that would be of interest to only a few tube engineers. Everything is focused toward the interest of those who use tubes-either for replacement purposes or in original equipment designs.

In his refreshing, down-to-earth style, Mr. Tomer sheds a bright light on such areas as, "Why so many tube types?" "What About Tube Testers?", etc.

Other Interesting and Informative Subjects Include...
10 reasons why tubes fail
Predicting tube performance
Selected and premium tubes
Lengthening tube life

Anyone who has anything at all to do with tube equipment-whether he is responsible for maintenance, design, or proper use-should read this book. It is written for the benefit of service personnel who repair and maintain consumer goods such as radio, TV, and hi-fi equipment-or industrial equipment used in production and manufacturing processes-or even military equipment such as missiles, satellites, com- puters and radar gear.

You'll also learn about...
Catastrophic failures - what they are, when and why they are most likely to occur. Degenerative failures - what happens to tubes over a period of time. Subjective failures - why a seemingly normal tube fails to work in certain applications. Characteristic variables - differences that may exist between tubes of the same type. Special-purpose tubes - considerations for filamentary, low Ep, phototube, voltage-regulator and thyratron types.

Key Topics

  • Catastrophic failure
  • Degenerative failure
  • Tube selection
  • Why so many tubes?
  • Tube life expectancy
  • Tube testers
  • Tubes that hum
  • Tube microphonics
  • Tube noise
  • Special purpose tubes
  • Extending tube life
  • Tube glossary

Book Specifications

  • Paperback
  • Black and white print
  • 160 pages
  • 140mm x 215mm
  • 270g



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