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Duelund RS Mylar 200Vdc Capacitors

Duelund RS Mylar 200Vdc Capacitors

Duelund has extended its range of RS capacitors with their lower cost RS Mylar range. These are constructed from metalized mylar using paper and wax as the dielectric material, potted in a phenolic tube filled with Duelunds famous CAST material to reduce vibration. They are the axial type. The lead-out closest to the "D" in Duelund is connected to the outer foil, and as such should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground, the signal output end.

Rated at 200V they are suitable for loudspeaker crossover use and electronic applications. The lead-outs are 1mm diameter annealed copper wire, tin-plated bare wire.

We stock the values from 0.47uF to 15uF.


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