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Duelund CAST Inductors, Copper and Silver Foil.

The Duelund Copper WAX/PIO inductors are composed of foils that are wound onto a compressed paper former with the foils insulated by waxed/oiled paper. The CASTing process utilises a proprietary WPIO dielectricum which necessitates several days of impregnation under high pressure. They are available in copper foil or silver foil.

This creates a form with incredible damping properties giving a mechanical stability hitherto unheard of. This stability is then further augmented by a rigorous casting process, keeping the inductor perfectly stable.On top of this casting process, a ring of hard pressed paper strengthens the damping properties of the design helping music flow effortlessly.
The Duelund CAST Inductor is simply without peers.

The CAST copper foil version are made up of copper foil 150 mirco-metres thick by 20mm height (12 AWG). These are terminated by twisted copper leadouts.

Please note, the Duelund CAST inductors are made to order. Please allow 12 weeks for dispatch. We would require a 50% deposit to process the order.


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