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Duelund WAX Inductors, Copper Foil

Duelund WAX Inductors, Copper Foil

Duelund Coherent Audio entry level air-core copper foil inductors for loudspeaker crossovers.

Copper foil inductors offer a supreme response compared to their wire equivalent. The Duelund WAX/PIO inductors are composed of copper foil 150 mirco-metres thick by 20mm height (12 AWG). The foils are wound onto a compressed paper former with the foils insulated by waxed/oiled paper. The actual integral foils are used as the terminals.

The standard range comprises of 0.1mH to 6.4mH. Duelund would be happy to make up any value for you so please contact us for a quote.

Please note, the Duelund CAST inductors are made to order. Please allow 12 weeks for dispatch. We would require a 50% deposit to process the order.


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