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Mundorf M-Resist Supreme 20W

With our MResist SUPREME you can enjoy even finest details and spatial information which normally get lost. Due to the complex bifilar structure from 1 ohm with two wires being wound around the high-temperature-resistant cement element simultaneously the inductance is always below 75uH.

In addition, the MResist SUPREME series features acoustic neutrality and music reproduction close to reality. This is due to a special manually applied fire-resistant casting compound which optimally fixes and stabilises the resistor winding thus protecting it against microphony effects.

In order to maintain high sound quality even at high load, we apply a special copper-nickel alloy as conducting material featuring a positive and extremely low temperature coefficient of only 50ppm/ C. Rated at 20 watts.

Further details which guarantee that MResist SUPREME resistors are hardly noticeable any-more are the of use non-magnetic materials and welded contacts.

PRICE 1 off (each)

0.1R to 0.68R - £8.85+vat+p&p

1R to 33R - £9.59+vat+p&p

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