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Viawave Audio GRT-145 (4 ohm) Sealed Ribbon Tweeter

Viawave Audio GRT-145 (4 ohm) Sealed Ribbon Tweeter

Introducing the beautifully crafted sealed ribbon tweeters from Russia, hand assembled with great attention to quality.

The GRT-145 is a 4-ohm ribbon tweeter by Viawave AudioLike no other – A true world first!

The SRT (Sealed Ribbon Tweeter technology), makes the GRT-145 like no other ribbon tweeter currently available in the market.

Product features:

  • Extremely well built with high attention to quality and details
  • Impressive sensitivity and frequency response
  • Low distortion due to the SRT technology 
  • Easy to implement for loudspeaker and crossover design
  • Ultra clean cumulative spectral decay graph

For more information please read the datasheet below.

Price (2 off - matched pair)
£390.00 +vat +p&p

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