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Vifa BC14WG49 8 ohm Woofer

Vifa BC14WG49 8 ohm Woofer

The BC product line is known for its quality tweeters and midwoofers. Designed in Denmark by their experienced team of audio engineers, their products can meet the most demanding needs for both volume and audio excellence. The BC product line has ferrofluid in the magnet gap for improved cooling of the driver.


  • Resonance Frequency fs 63 Hz
  • Mechanical Q factor Qms 2.97
  • Electrical Q factor Qes 0.55
  • Total Q factor Qts 0.47
  • Force factor Bl 4.9 Tm 
  • Moving mass Mms 6 g 
  • Effective piston area Sd 80 cm2
  • Equivalent volume Vas 9.6 ltrs
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 87 dB

Electrical Data:

  • Nominal impedance Zn 8 ohm 
  • DC resistance Re 5.6 ohm 
  • Voice coil inductance Le 0.63 mH 

Power handling:

  • Long-term Max Power (IEC 18.3) 110 W 
  • Short Term Max power (IEC 18.2) 110 W

Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters:

  • Voice coil diameter 25 mm
  • Voice coil height 10 mm

Price: (1off)
£65.00 +vat +p&p


Big Picture: 

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