Solen FEP Tin Foil / Teflon Film 1000Vdc Capacitors

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Solen FEP Tin Foil / Teflon Film 1000Vdc Capacitors

These axial capacitors from Solen use Teflon film and Tin foil in their constructions. Part of the S3Q series. They can withstand large RMS currents at high frequencies and temperatures and give a very long life. Having had first-hand experience with these often overlooked capacitors, they sound outstanding and well worth trying in your audio equipment.


  • Special Tubular “Square Aspect Ratio” Type Construction.
  • Very High Conductivity Tin Foil.
  • Tin/Silver Soldered Lead Termination.
  • Very High Current Capacity.
  • High Frequency and Temperature Stability.
  • Excellent Long-Term Electrical and Mechanical Reliability.
  • No Short Term and/or Long Term Signal Aberration.
  • Unrivalled Handling of Fast High Current Pulse.
  • Very Low Dielectric Absorption Factor.
  • Very Low Equivalent Series Resistance.
  • Very Low Inductance.
  • Very High Resonant Frequency.
  • Ultra-Linear Impedance Characteristics.
  • Very Low Dissipation Factor.
  • Very High Insulation Resistance.


  • Type: Tin Foil / Teflon Film Capacitor.
  • Dielectric: Biaxially Oriented Teflon FEP Film.
  • Electrodes: Pure Tin Foil.
  • Construction: Round Tubular “Square Aspect Ratio” Type, Axial Leads.
  • Winding: Bifilar Extended Foil Design.
  • Contact: Non-Inductive, Radially Knurled Extended Foil.
  • Coating: Green Plastic Shrink Wrapped, Gray Epoxy Resin Sealed.Leads: Tinned Plated Oxygen Free Pure Copper.

S3Q series have the outer foil on the right of the marking. The Outer foil end should be connected to the lowest impedance path to the ground. This end is usually the signal output.

Mr W, from Switzerland, says

I fitted the Solen FEPs to my Elekit TU-8500 and TU-8200R. they sound incredible already after only 2-3 hours of play. I have Audio Research tube equipment worth around CHF 20000, but the sound is not half as good! The FEPs are transparent, spatial, and detailed all at an unbelievable level!  They also have lots of deep bass. Thank you SO MUCH for your tip.


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