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Morel Tweeters

From the famous MDT-33 to replacements for the like of the Ruark Solus, Morels high qualiy tweeters are great performers.

By adding a rear chamber to the MDT-12, a lower resonance point and superior low-frequency performance have been achieved. This 8 Ohm tweeter has a...

Morel MDT 22 Neodymium Tweeter

Replacement for the Ruark Solus bookshelf speakers - This polular speaker also contains a Scanspeak 15w/8530 Woofer.

Morel Dome Tweeter, Ruark Solus

A more cost effective version of the famous MDT 33. The MDT 29 also features a treated 1-1/8" soft dome, ferrofluid cooling, and aluminum voice coi...

Morel MDT 29 Dome Tweeter

The MDT-32S is an improved version of the former MDT-32 and is the most popular Morel driver worldwide with a very high and regarded reputation. Th...

Morel MDT 32-S Dome Tweeter

These tweeters represent the finest in soft dome tweeter construction. Features a treated 1-1/8" soft dome, ferro fluid cooled aluminum voice coil,...

Morel MDT 33 Dome Tweeter

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