Firsts in High Fidelity, The Product and History of H.J. Leak and Co. - code 4001

This book is the unique and comprehensive story of one of the world`s best high-fidelity audio companies - H.J. Leak and Co. Ltd. by S Spicer

The reader is presented with a stunning collection of delights, through a lucid extensive research text, accompanied by over 300 photographs many of which have been supplied from personal collection.

A must for the audiophile is the compendium of 30 circuit diagrams for the classic design of the day, including some of the rarest model amplifiers and radio tuners produced by the company. This invaluble resource is presented in conjunction with detailed technical information on previously undocumented design variations.

There are numerous personal anecdots and contributions from ex-employees that bring the events of the past to a sharp, immediate reality for the reader. This effect os so complete, that readers will feel that they personally meet the staff, and visit the London factory where audio history was made.

In summary, this book represents the authentic history of H.J. Leak and Co. Ltd. - covering its rise from humble beginnings in 1934, to its peak of success in 1969. this is a truly great collection that any audiophile will read with delight and pleasure.

Key Topics

  • The beginning of Leak
  • The workers
  • The Leak Idiom
  • Leak pre-amps
  • Leak power amps
  • Leak speakers
  • Rank - Leak
  • Circuit diagrams galore
  • Complete pics of products

Book Specifications

  • Paperback
  • Black and white print
  • 268 pages
  • 190mm x 260mm
  • 650g

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