Amtrans AMCN

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Amtrans AMCN

The Amtrans AMCN aluminium metalized polypropylene film Capacitors are rated at 630Vdc. Being highly recommended for valve amp signal use.

The leadouts are gold-plated OFC lead wire without nickel ground.

These are a superior replacement for the now discontinued Amtrans AMCO range, adopting aluminium metalized polypropylene film for higher-quality sound.


  • Operating tempreture range: -25°C〜+85°C
  • Rated voltage: 630VDC Rated capacitance tolerance: ±10% Dissipation factor: < 0.2% (1kHz)
  • Insulation resistance:
    • Between both terminals: > 10000 MΩ x μF (500VDC) *1), > 15000 MΩ x μF (500VDC) *2)
    • Between terminal and body: >100000MΩ (500VDC)
  • Withstand voltage:
    • Between both terminals: 1250VDC (1 min.)
    • Between terminal and body: 2000VDC (1 min.)
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