Elma 4 pole 47 way switch, A47-SERB4-THT

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Elma 4 pole 47 way switch, A47-SERB4-THT

Elma A47-SERB4-THT, 4 pole 47 way Switch

We have stocked the 2 pole (SERB2) and the 1 pole (SERB1) version for some time and now we have pleased to be adding the 4 pole (SERB4) to the collection. A high quality switch as we have come to expect from Elma with extremely durable 3 micron gold plated contacts throughout. The switch utilises a PCB to make your connections. Shorting, make before break type. The 4 pole 47 way is suitable for use as a balanced stereo Series Shunt stepped or a balanced stereo Series stepped or to wire up to a pair of balanced 47 step transformer volume control. Also as a stereo 47 position ladder type stepped attenuator.

Originally designed for use as a Series stepped attenuator whereby you effectively have a long chain of resistors and the switch runs along the contact of each adjoining resistor. We find this method the least favourable sonically as the signal is passing through numerous resistors and solder joins. However the choice is yours. We will be offering the balanced Stereo SMD resistor series switch shortly.

This switch can also be used to make our preferred Glasshouse Series Shunt stepped attenuators. Here we have one Series resistor, the load or input resistor that is seen at each step of the switch. This resistor forms a voltage divider with the a specific shunt resistor as you make your way round the switch. Thus at each position there are only 2 resistors involved and one contact.

The Elma SERB4 A47 can be used in conjunction with the Remote Control module, the Remote Audio PLUS with LIN Motor. For more information on this please click HERE

If you require the stop pin for this switch, click HERE

BODY: width 36mm, depth 36mm, height 80mm
BUSH: diameter 10mm, height 10mm
SHAFT: diameter 6mm, height 15mm

Please Note that the only version of stepped attenuator that fits with-in these dimensions is the COMPACT 0.25W

Price (1 off) £260.00 +vat +p&p

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